Masks invigorate the spaces they occupy and the people who wear them. I am very curious about exploring this phenomenon with each mask I make. PlatyMorph masks and art pieces are created with a blend of traditional and contemporary leather working techniques.

My masks have sold to customers all over the world. I have taught several mask making workshops and enjoy engaging with others through the playful and powerful art of the mask.

I currently live and work in Tucson, Arizona.

~ PlatyMorph~ Handmade Leather Mask Art by Jolene Schafer

About the PlatyMorph --

Jolene Schafer, Artist

Masks are charged objects! They are a perfect blend of what has always intrigued me about theater and studio art as they inspire participation, storytelling and introspection. Masks connect with us on a primal level and suggest unlimited potential.

PlatyMorph was officially born when my Etsy shop was opened in March 2012, though I had been building costume masks and headpieces for several years for friends and community theater productions. I created the Da Vinci-esque platypus mascot to illustrate my overlapping interests in art, performance, masks and the metamorphic effect of costume and disguise.

I drew cartoons before I could clearly articulate my thoughts, and art became my first and most comfortable language. My education at St. Mary's College of Maryland included investigating biology before switching to a major in art with a concentration in theater. Studying masks and movement at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and art history in Italy heavily influenced my development as an artist. My first job after college was with Das Puppenspiel Puppet Theater in Westfield, NY. I lived and worked alongside masks and puppets, and found that an artist's life is a worthy pursuit.