~ PlatyMorph~ Handmade Leather Mask Art by Jolene Schafer

With years of experience making masks for theater productions, weddings, renaissance faires, masquerades, LARP, dancers and cosplay, I strive to make each PlatyMorph mask comfortable and fun to wear.

I currently make masks, headpieces, hair ornaments and horned crowns. Themes range from fantasy, woodland, steampunk, anime, and fairy tale origins. I specialize in creating original designs and also do custom work.

Visit PlatyMorph's Facebook page for more examples of my work, as well as the sold items section of my Etsy shop. I create new pieces constantly, so watch for shop updates! The gallery shown here is a sampling of my past work.

If a mask you like has been sold or if you would like a mask in a different color than the version shown, please  contact me  as it is very possible that I can create it for you.