Photography courtesy of Dead Rose Studios.

Photography courtesy of Dead Rose Studios.

PlatyMorph's Mission

Masks invigorate the spaces they occupy and the awaken people who wear them. I am very curious about exploring this phenomenon with each mask I make. PlatyMorph masks and wearable pieces are created with a blend of traditional and contemporary leather working techniques.

PlatyMorph was officially born when my Etsy shop was opened in March 2012, though I had previously built many masks and costume crafts for friends and community theater productions. I created a 'Vitruvian Platypus', a Da Vinci inspired mascot, to represent my overlapping interests in fine art, the mask making craft and the metamorphic effect of costume and disguise.

My masks have sold to customers all over the world. I have taught several mask making workshops and enjoy engaging with others through the playful and powerful art of the mask.

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